Mad about Mugs (a resource round-up)

I’m not drinking much coffee these days (something about being pregnant and no caffeine), but I still feel the need  to drink something warm after I rise. There’s something about a hot drink that perks this not-so-morning-person up. So lately I’ve been filling my mugs with hot chocolate or hot tea.

And speaking of mugs, I’ve seen so many seasonal and inspirational mugs come across my Instagram feed lately. I guess with the cooler seasons approaching, folks are getting ready to get cozy.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites. Check them out below and let me know of some others you like.

madaboutmugs2 madaboutmugs

Camplight Apparel :: “grace upon grace” white mug :: $20

Lindsay Letters :: it is well campfire mug :: $22

Lindsay Letters :: gratitude latte mug :: $25 (temporarily out of stock)

The Balanced Life :: grace over guilt mug :: $18.95

Life Lived Beautifully :: birds don’t worry mug :: $15

Life Lived Beautifully :: mercies are new mug :: $16




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