My Favorite Homeschooling Podcasts and Instagram Accounts

We are s l o w l y beginning to homeschool our four-year-old this year.  However, I have been listening to homeschooling podcasts and reading homeschooling blogs for quite some time. These podcasts and blogs have really introduced me to the world of homeschooling.  I am grateful to be trying this adventure during the digital age when so much help and encouragement is just a click away. Today I am sharing my favorite podcasts about homeschooling. I also recently discovered Instagram accounts to be a helpful resource for homeschooling inspiration, book recommendations and resources.




The Homeschool Sisters Podcast – Podcast hosts Cait and Kara share big juicy conversations about homeschooling and life. Their episode topics range from homeschool overwhelm to how to survive if your husband works a lot. They are only 10 episodes in, but have spent some time at the #1 spot in iTunes in the K12 Education podcast category. Favorite episodes include: Episode 10 Awesome Adults: How to raise one; how to be one with Julie Bogart; Episode 7 Fall Haul: Homeschool Resources We’re Loving; Episode 3 I want a Milkshake: When Dad Works a Lot.

Read Aloud RevivalI have already raved about this podcast, but of course it deserves mentioning again. It’s just so good. “Good books have always been the doorway to learning,” says Jane Lambert. So consider the Read Aloud Revival podcast a resource that gets you to the door. Host Sarah Mackenzie is delightful, you can’t help but catch her enthusiasm for building your family culture around books! Favorite episodes include: Episode 10 The Art of Choosing Books (and Starting a Book Club) with Heidi Scovel; Episode 19 Reading Aloud to Toddlers (the how and the why) with Haley and Sarah from Aslan’s Library; Episode 22 Read Good Books. The End. with Carole Joy Seid. And so many more..

Pam Barnhill’s Podcasts – Pam Barnhill is a homeschooling machine. She cranks out so many useful homeschooling resources. I’m in awe. She hosts three podcasts – Your Morning Basket, Homeschool Snapshots and Homeschool Solutions.

Your Morning Basket is a podcast focused strictly on the concept of Morning Time, an activity homeschoolers create to weave truth, beauty and goodness into their day. Favorite episodes include: Episode 22 Picture Study for Morning Time: An interview with Emily Kiser; Episode 12 Teaching from Rest with Morning Time: A Conversation with Sarah Mackenzie.

Homeschool Snapshots is best described by the tagline “The podcast that gives you a peek into the lives of the homeschoolers next door.” Pam interviews other homeschooling mamas, many of them have their own blogs. She asks them many of the same questions, and it is interesting to hear all the different answers. Just goes to show that no two homeschooling families are exactly the same. Favorite episodes include: Episode 23 It’s Mostly About Parenting with Susan Wise Bauer; Episode 16 Learning Through World Schooling with Tsh Oxenreider.

Homeschool Solutions is the newest addition to Pam’s podcast lineup. This is an audio blog podcast. Homeschool bloggers read their most popular posts for you to listen to each Friday. Think short, sweet and to the point. If you have a 10 minute chore to do around the house this podcast will keep you company. Favorite episodes include: Episode 9 How I’m using Spiral Notebooks to Simplify my Homeschool by Sarah MacKenzie; Episode 17 10 Reasons to Add Morning Time to Your Homeschool by Pam Barnhill.



At Home – I was introduced to this podcast through the Wild and Free homeschool community. At Home is a conversation between six, yes six, homeschool mamas in California. Their conversations focus on mothering, home life and education. It’s an interesting dynamic to hear six people’s thoughts on a topic. I like listening in. Favorite Episodes include: Creating a Nature Group; School Year Prep.

Other homeschooling podcasts I occasionally listen to include: Schole Sisters, A Delectable Education, Simplified Organization, The Simply Convivial Audio Blog.

Instagram Accounts for Homeschooling Inspiration

Instagram is my social media of choice. I love getting a peek into the lives of other homeschooling families. I’ve found book recommendations and other resources through this app. Here are a few inspiring accounts I follow.



(images: @my_little_poppies and @jodimockabee)

Love her coffee and book posts – @my_little_poppies

Learning Well Community – a community for homeschool parents to learn, grow and inspire each other. @learningwell

Stephanie Beaty is a photographer and homeschooling mama. She posts pictures of life and homeschool. @lifeographer

Jennifer Pepito is a homeschool mom to seven. Creator of The Peaceful Preschool. Posts great books and Montessori methods. @jenniferpepito

Pam Barnhill – see her cute kids actively learning at homeschool, plus stay up to date with Pam’s homeschool resources. @hspambarnhill

Read Aloud Revival – books, books, books. @readaloudrevival

Jodi Mockabee – I can’t really get enough of the stunning scenery she posts of Northern California. Seeing her family enjoy the outdoors and nature study very are inspiring to me. @jodimockabee



(images @cloisteredaway and @ourjoyfulchaos for @juliebravewriter)

Cloistered Away – Bethany Douglass is another great writer and photographer sharing her life on Insta. Love to see her kids at school and especially their nature study time. @cloisteredaway

Wild + Free – Wild and Free is an online homeschool community (maybe a movement?) Contributors create monthly themed bundles of homeschool resources, ideas, thoughts, etc.

Julie Bogart – Brave Writer – I’m sorta new to the world of Brave Writer, but I’m enjoying what I am seeing and hearing. @juliebravewriter gives a peek into the Brave Writer lifestyle. Especially enjoyed the #BWLtakeover when other homeschool families takeover her instagram to show how they live the Brave Writer lifestyle.


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