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It seems like much of the United States is experiencing record-breaking low temperatures. It’s a winter wonderland here in southwest Virginia. Actually, frozen tundra might be a better description. We’ve been having mixed precipitation since before daybreak. Snow, sleet, ice, repeat. If you’re stuck inside (eight days for us, but who’s counting), I hope you have time to get cozy and do something you enjoy (i.e. not laundry). Here are a few links I’ve enjoyed perusing this week.

As if I wasn’t longing for Spring weather already, The Handmade Home posted a great resource for outdoor home projects. And I want to do them ALL, especially the outdoor fire pit.

Six inches of snow is my currently reality, so I’m really loving this resource that Naomi pulled together for winter boots.

Chris Kresser has a podcast about the pros and cons of juicing. Since juicing is fairly trendy these days, this should be interesting. Leave it to Chris to put things into perspective.

I’ve been telling Mr. Price how nice it would be to have an iPad. We’re in the small minority of people who actually do not own one. I’d love to have one mounted in my kitchen for recipes and music and such. After seeing Emily’s kitchen set-up, an iPad is definitely on my wish list.

I have several big dreams and ideals for my family. Creating a routine for family worship is one of them. I was encouraged to read how Lisa is having meaningful conversations around the dinner table with her family.

The likelihood that we’ll be able to attend church tomorrow is slim. So we will probably be watching the North Point Community Church channel on our Roku. We can watch their services LIVE.



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