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  • Additional Resources for Classical Conversations Cycle 3

    Additional Resources for Classical Conversations Cycle 3

      In Cycle Three of Classical Conversations students study and memorize facts about US Geography, US History, and human anatomy.  I’ve rounded up some games, books and media to help supplement the memory work for Cycle Three. Several of these may find their way under the Christmas tree this year.  I’d love to know if…

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  • Five Dresses to Wear Post-Pregnancy

    Five Dresses to Wear Post-Pregnancy

    I’m 39 weeks pregnant, and I’m huge. You know you are big when only a few of your maternity clothes actually fit. I’m just ready to be comfortable in my own body and what I wear. I’ve got a few clothing items on my wish list for post pregnancy. I’m dreaming of a wardrobe that’s…

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  • Baby Brands and Shops I’m Diggin’

    Baby Brands and Shops I’m Diggin’

    Baby #3 should be making her appearance soon! Thanks to Instagram I’ve found several darling, new-to-me baby brands and shops. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites and posted them here for easy retrieval. Billy Bibs – the classiest handmade bibs, collars, headbands and more Sweet Peach Kids – really loving the Pippa Pom…

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  • Five Fun Shirts for Moms

    Five Fun Shirts for Moms

    I’ve always been a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. Even more so now that I have young children. T-shirts just seem more logical and comfortable when messes abound.  I’d love to come up with a more put-together lounge look, but until then, t-shirt and jeans it is. Here are five fun t-shirts I’m sure…

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  • Christmas Gift Guide

      for the word lovers and memory keepers   1. Soult Journals archival journals with everyday journaling prompts | 2. StoryWorth get weekly stories from family members bound in a beautiful book | 3. Legacy Box preserve family treasures in updated formats | 4. Letterfolk premium letter boards for the home | 5. Chatbooks the…

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  • Inspiration for Shared Girls Bedroom

    Inspiration for Shared Girls Bedroom

    We are finally transitioning our girls into a shared bedroom. Bunk beds are not my first choice, but since space is limited it creates more room for play in the bedroom. We chose the Ikea Mydal bunk bed mostly because of its low price point, and ease of putting together quickly. We painted it white,…

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  • My Favorite Homeschooling Podcasts and Instagram Accounts

    We are s l o w l y beginning to homeschool our four-year-old this year.  However, I have been listening to homeschooling podcasts and reading homeschooling blogs for quite some time. These podcasts and blogs have really introduced me to the world of homeschooling.  I am grateful to be trying this adventure during the digital…

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  • Mad about Mugs (a resource round-up)

    Mad about Mugs (a resource round-up)

    I’m not drinking much coffee these days (something about being pregnant and no caffeine), but I still feel the need  to drink something warm after I rise. There’s something about a hot drink that perks this not-so-morning-person up. So lately I’ve been filling my mugs with hot chocolate or hot tea. And speaking of mugs,…

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  • My Favorite One-Piece Swimsuits

    My Favorite One-Piece Swimsuits

    I’m so glad these suits don’t sacrifice style for a little more coverage! Seamed Underwire Maillot Anthropologie $118 Ruffled Halter Maillot Anthropologie $118 Halter Underwire One Piece JCrew  $110, you can see this a little on Naomi here. Draped Halter One-Piece Target $39 and if price was no object, I could go for this one…

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